PVC soft curtain of color determines function

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Update time : 2018-10-29 21:17:00

1、color: transparent blue transparent common type curtain series has a good transparency, you can stop the loss of air conditioning and heating, effectively prevent the intrusion of dust, reduce noise and make your work environment more comfortable, clean.

2、color: yellow transparent yellow curtain can emit special light, insect slow action, shunned, as well as dust, heat and noise reduction features for food processing plants, fresh food processing center, beverage factory. and other places with high hygiene requirements.

3、color: white transparent no static friction effects after anti-static curtain, anti-static value of 10 to the 8th power, suitable for the use of non-factory static discharges.

4、colors: yellow, orange-brown curtain as a screen UV type of weld fusion zone, allowing only visible light, filter out harmful ultraviolet light, easy to see the job situation, and to prevent the proliferation of flying sparks, smoke, debris, to protect the safety of personnel, to prevent fires.

5、color: transparent or white transparent blue sea, blue sky, snow, moonlight, etc., will give the produce a cool feeling cold, so cold generally choose blue and white resistant low curtain in the production process. add a softener, cold material, etc., at -40 ℃ environment remains soft because of the low temperature and the curtain will not harden, rupture.